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About Texas Small Business Association®

Texas SBA®is the state's most prominent trade group serving Texans, both domestic and internationally. Our most popular service is business certification where companies receive this credential seeking diversity program and affirmative action business opportunities. For decades, thousands of small business owners have obtained Texas SBA® business certification and enjoyed the benefits of greater exposure.

Reared in Chicagoland, Jamie Demericas began his professional career at age 13 trading stocks & commodity futures. With the support of his mother-and-father establishing a custodian account, Jamie placed trades during high school passing periods and spent afternoons at the town library studying Standard & Poors with daytrips to "the Merc" and Chicago Board of Trade trading floors. At age 19, after his university sophomore year, Jamie Demericas began his professional career in the world's capital of futures & options trading quickly becoming a "top producer" in "the Loop" of downtown Chicago. Six years later with experience, connections, and international exposure Mr. Demericas relocated to Texas and gave birth to Texas Small Business Association®, popularly known as Texas SBA®.

Jamie spent over 10 years walking the earth introducing the Texas economy to the world for the benefit of business owners and tax authorities, both foreign and domestic. Office of the Texas Governor operates 1 office in Mexico City with periodic trade shows throughout Mexico and few, if any, international-based operations. Together, State of Texas and Texas SBA® work to expand the exposure and economy of Texas for all stakeholders.

Texas Small Business Association® represents America's #1 State for Business and the World's 10th Largest Economy generating $1.8 Trillion annually servicing 2.8 million small businesses!

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