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Curriculum Vitae "The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives"
Jamie Deméricas is a Chicagoland-native who began trading futures at age 13 and became a licensed broker at 19. Circa 2002, Mr. Deméricas acquired Texas SBA® and expanded the corporation into 30+ countries spanning 6 continents. Texas Small Business Association® is the state's most prominent trade group representing the community of 2.8 million small businesses.: Texas is America's #1 State for Business as reported by CNBC.


United States of America.


Family History as Black Slaves in the United States of America (ca. 1619).


English, Spanish, & Portuguese.


BBA, Finance. Texas, United States of America.
MBA, Global Management. Monterrey, Mexico.

International Experience

Private University Education in Mexico.
Multi-National Resident & Visa Holder.
Over 40 Countries & 6 Continents Traveled Since 2007. (2007 - 2016). (2016 - 2018).
Multi-National Corporation Founder & President. Texas SBA®.


Futures & Options Broker / Branch Manager Licensed, Chicago, USA. (Age 19 - 25).
Member @ Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group). Chicago, USA.
              @ The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Chicago, USA.
              @ The Commodity Exchange (COMEX). New York City, USA.
              @ New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). New York City, USA.
              @ Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX). Minneapolis, USA. Former Floor Trader.
Founder and President. Texas SBA®.
Polo Player & Team Owner. Texas SBA® Polo Team.

Jamie Demericas Cartel for Bs. As.
Email: chukker@texassbapolo.com