Curriculum Vitae "The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives"
Jamie Demericas is an internationally ranked polo player who actively competes in professional matches, tournaments, and corporate events. With playing experience in 10 countries on 5 continents, Jamie Demericas travels the world promoting the benefits of Texas commerce and international trade. Support your Texas SBA™ Polo Team in the Sport of Kings & Corporate Executives including Women by Advertising Your Business.


United States of America


Family History as African Slaves in the United States of America (ca. 1776)


English, Spanish, & Portuguese.


BBA, Finance. Texas, United States of America.
MBA, Global Management. Monterrey, Mexico.

International Experience

Polo Player.
University Education.
Multinational Business Owner.
Over 30 countries traveled in the last decade. (2007 - 2016).


Floor Trader. North American Corn & Wheat Markets.
Founder and President. Texas Small Business Association™.
Patron. Texas SBA™ Polo Team.

Jamie Demericas Cartel for Bs. As.
Landline: USA (512) 945-2636    Email:    Whats App: +66 80 605 1580