Texas SBA™ Polo Team

Polo Elite Challenge™ European Tour 2018: III High Summer Cup

Location: Club de Polo Ampurdán (est. 1987), Cataluna, Spain

With many players on Texas SBA™ Polo Team being residents of Latin America including team owner Jamie Deméricas, it was exciting for us to arrive in Spain- "la Corona". This enthusiasm was quickly curbed when procuring vehicles with the rental car company and their greed to generate revenues. Long lines, slow customer service, and surcharges is the business model utilized by this Spanish-owned rental car company which is exactly opposite of how Texas Small Business Association™ members conduct business.

Day 2 of our "Spanish Invasion" provided the most shocking experience for your Texas SBA™ Polo Team which was our daily usage of the Spanish tollroad system at a cost of US $60 per roundtrip (ie. 180 miles). In Spain, the cost for freedom of movement is high and prohibitive which reduces one's the quality of life, but not for players in the Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives. On the positive side, lots of beautiful women can be seen throughout Barcelona enjoying the delicously fair-priced tapas.

Texas SBAtrade; Polo Team jumped into the action with great performances by professional Federico Espanol and Fernando Nieto. The horsepower presented on the field was impressive as was the social community. Many goals from the 30-yard penalty line were scored by Jamie Demericas and Federico Espanol showcased why he held a 6-goal handicap in earlier years with goals scored from all areas of the cancha.

The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives is the second-most dangerous sport in the world- only after speedboat racing- and fortunately no injury was incurred to Fernando Nieto who fell when his left stirrup broke. Immediately, the fieldside ambulance rushed onto the field and gave treatment to the founder of the Polo Elite Challenge™. With no serious harm incurred, the match continued but your Texas SBA™ Polo Team was not able to win against more established teams comprised of players, including 3 women, from five countries spread across 3 continents.

Polo Elite Challenge™ European Tour 2018 : Secretaries Cup (Hurlingham Polo Assn.)

Location: Kirtlington Park Polo Club (est. 1926), Oxford, England

Texas SBA™ Polo Team arrived in the United Kingdom ready and excited for the British polo season. With practices and matches scheduled for everyday our Texas SBA™ Polo Team was ready for competition. Traversing England from the southern coast to Black Country produced echoes of mallets striking bolchas in harmony with rolling hoof thunder.

In Oxford, home of Oxford University and the Earl of Oxford and Asquith, team owner Jamie Demericas was greeted by the Australian polo community and welcomed to this new playing location by the British polo community. Just a few weeks earlier, Mr. Demericas and the Texas SBA™ Polo Team were in the presence of Prince of William, Duke of Cambridge, at a charity polo match in the rival town of Cambridge, home of Cambridge University. Both towns and this area are familiar terriroty for Jamie as a former resident of Milton Keynes- "the Most American City in the UK".

Before game time Mr. Demericas had butterflies in his stomach as he was playing a level higher than he is accustom, but was reassured by professional team captain Antonino Menard such feelings are normal. Immediately the game was fast and it was hard for Jamie to keep-up: Jumping on new horses, never riden before, every 7 minutes is the real-time examination of every polo player's horsemanship. With your knees you grip the horse; posting and half seat is your stance; and loose reigns is your control but never lose sight of 7 other players and their wooden sticks on all sides of you and your pony.

Eventually, Jamie caught-up and gained more confidence in his talents and starting making serious contributions to his Texas SBA™ Polo Team on day 2. The most spectactular play was when he rode off the opponent's team captain and then stole ball on the near-side. Another strong play was on the opponent's goal line where he did the same wich kept the game tied. During both days of game play Jamie scored 2 30-yard penalty shots. Antonino put on a great performance including running the ball end-to-end on the near side with 3 opponents chasing him. After the game Jamie asked Antonino how many mallets he broke during the game and he stated 3 at a cost of US $120 each: Polo- The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives™.

Texas SBA™ Polo Team performed extremely well considering their competition was a more established team including 1 player who was currently playing with the Pieres brothers in the British Gold Cup, England's #1 tournament and the world's #3 tournament. All players on the opposing team were hardcore players riding quality ponies and with homefield advantange which produced a unearned goal for the home team and subsequent loss for Texas SBA™ Polo Team.

Polo Elite Challenge™ European Tour 2018

Location: Private Polo Estate, Portuguese Republic

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Texas SBA™ Polo Team had the priviledge of receiving an invitiation to play 2 days of polo in the nation Portugal at a very discrete polo estate. This was a special treat for Mr. Demericas who has maintains strong relationships throughout the 3-continent Portuguese empire.

The first day of polo was good fun as Jamie rode quality horses imported from Argentina. His string of horses had good speed, strong agility, and a good mouth. It was also an added treat to have the both games umpired by one fo the world's best officials. After the match, polo players from 4 continents shared dinner and drinks over a 4 hour period and discussed the world of polo and the state of Texas. Day 2 featured a better performance with Jamie scoring a 3 30-yard penalities and receiving a strong bump in the goal mouth which robbed him of a field goal. As the match continued the Texas SBA™ Polo Team became stronger and faster, but were not able to win the scoreboard tally.

This was a great experience and priviledge provided to Jamie Demericas and his Texas SBA™ Polo Team which served as the kick-off to their Polo Elite Challenge™ European Tour 2018.

2018 Victorian Polo Club Cup

Location: Werribee National Equestrian Center (est. 1984), Melbourne, Australia

Texas SBA™ Polo Team finished the Victorian Polo Association season with great improvement from their performance in 2017. Led by professional polo player Corin Gibbs, Jamie Demericas and his fellow teammates got physical in competition as marketing executives from the US $13 Billion German corporation Dr. Oetker filmed their latest commercial using the "Sport of Kings" as their background.

Playing the #2 position had Mr. Demericas winning the majority of umpire bowl-ins, driving the ball downfield for his team's power forward, and running his Thoroughbred horses hard on the 10 acre polo field for 7 consecutive minutes. During the third chukker, Jamie Demericas scored one goal after having missed several quality shots but unfortunately the Texas SBA™ Polo Team could not hold-off their competitors who matched his goal and finished the match tied.

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Dr. Oetker Gatecrash Commercial

2018 Urquhart Tournament

Location: Hexham Polo Club (est. 1884), Melbourne, Australia

For the second year in a row Jamie Demericas traveled across the Pacific Ocean to compete in the oldest Australian tournament for polo. After seeing many members of the Australian polo community in Argentina just a few months earlier, Jamie Demericas was excited to showcase his improvement and adaptability to the Aussie style of play- fast & physical.

The 21 hour flight from Houston started out with immigration problems that soon were overcome by Mr. Demericas strong reputation and gentile personality. Having learned in 2017 that nothing comes easy in Australia, Jamie Demericas missed the first day of tournament play because he got lost driving the world's smallest continent and largest island. Unfortunately, the Texas SBA™ Polo Team lost the first day, but gave a young 15 year old, 3rd generation polo player the opportunity to fill-in for the absent Jamie Demericas. On day 2, Mr. Demericas arrived at the polo grounds early and visited with many polo players and friends including Hollywood movie director Simon Wincer. Jamie performed well during the match and helped aide the Texas SBA™ Polo Team to a victory, but not the championship trophy.

2018 Hornitos Cup

Location: Siam Polo Park (est. 1990), Kingdom of Thailand

Jamie Deméricas joined the Black Dog Polo Team led by National Geographic documentary star Tom Claytor and Argentine professional Gaston Carrozo. After a two year hiatus, the Hornitos Cup was played at King Power and featured the up-and-coming Thai player Mat Deajpanyanan who scored the last goal to prevent Black Dog's victory.

The Hornitos Cup was a great experience helping Mr. Deméricas improve his polo skills as he continues to elevate his exposure in "The Sport of Kings."

2017 Farish Invitational- US Women's Polo Open Championship™

Location: Houston Polo Club (est. 1928), Texas, United States of America

Texas SBA™ Polo Team fought hard for 2 days against Hendrick's Gin and St. Regis Hotel impressing many Texas business owners, international guests, and equine enthusiasts. The ladies represented their state and Texas SBA™ Polo Team very well, but lost both games and were eliminated from the world's largest women's polo tournament hosted at the world's largest polo club- Houston, United States of America.

For the second consecutive year, San Saba Polo Team owned by Hollywood Actor & Director Tommy Lee Jones won the U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship™ hosted at Houston Polo Club, Texas.

2017 Werribee Polo Tournament

Location: Werribee National Equestrian Center (est. 1984), Melbourne, Australia

Nearly 9,000 miles and 21 hours of air travel was undertaken by Jamie Demericas to introduce the world's polo community to Texas Small Business Association™. Quickly, Mr. Demericas learned how aggressive and fast the Aussies run their "off the track" thoroughbreds for 7.5 minutes. It was a level of competition not familiar to Mr. Demericas and therefore he had to "dig deep" into his pool of personal talent. Three days of polo and sunburn shocked this Texas executive's body and proved hard rough-and-rugged the inhabitants of Australia must be to survive "down under".

Unfortunately, the team Mr. Demericas played for did not win the tournament although they made it to the finals.

2017 Urquhart Tournament

Location: Hexham Polo Club (est. 1884), Melbourne, Australia

Jamie Demericas had the priviledge of playing alongside up-and-coming French professional Dorian Bulteau and tenured professional Corin Gibbs of England in January 2017. During an intensive 2 weeks of Australian polo Jamie Demericas learned to play more physical, ride faster, and not expect fouls to be called. Throughout the 25 team Urquhart Tournament it seemed that every chukker had someone falling off their horse including one player getting kicked in the head by the horse's hoof. Unfortunately, the team Mr. Demericas played on did not advance to the Urquhart finals- which is one of the oldest polo tournaments in Australia, but they did advance to the finals during the Werribee tournament held one week earlier at the National Equestrian Center.

Playing in Australia was a great experience for Jamie Demericas and elevated his global polo exposure to 5 continents. Lesson learned about the Aussies and their style of play is that "they make you earn it." Surviving the outback and harsh Australian sun makes the Aussie polo player physically-minded while galloping "off the track" Thoroughbreds and will require any international polo player to elevate their style of play for this island continent.

jamie demericas and corin gibbs
jamie demericas and corin gibbs
jamie demericas and corin gibbs jamie-demericas-and-dorian-bulteau

2016 Farish Invitational- US Women's Polo Open Championship™

Location: Houston Polo Club (est. 1928), Texas, United States of America

Texas SBA™ Polo Team performed well in the 2016 Farish Invitational portion of the U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship™ tournament against Sullivan Group and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, but unfortunately lost to more established teams in their debut.

Jamie Demericas, owner of Texas SBA™ Polo Team, shared pleasantries from the adjacent owner's box of Hollywood Actor & Director Tommy Lee Jones as they both watched the San Saba Polo Team win the 2016 U.S. Women's Polo Open hosted at Houston Polo Club, Texas.

Jamie Demericas, Danika Rice, Liz Magyar, Leigh Fulkerson, Annie Carson
Jamie Demericas, Danika Rice, Liz Magyar, Leigh Fulkerson, Annie Carson Jamie Demericas, Danika Rice, Liz Magyar, Leigh Fulkerson, Annie Carson  

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